Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Full Face of Revolution Makeup

As a makeup enthusiast people often expect me to only purchase & own high end, luxury makeup. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. I would estimate that my collection is actually 50/50 between high end makeup & drug store makeup.

There are so many high quality affordable options out there. One of those affordable brands
which I love is Revolution Makeup. In the last year or two they have noticeably stepped up their game in both packaging & product range.

While some of there products are almost direct copies of higher end products (I prefer to try & stay away from these products as it’s a bit murky ethics wise) they release some great products taking only a hint of inspiration from their luxury counterparts.

When I decided to do a full face of  Revolution products I didn’t actually have to buy anything as I pretty already had a full face worth of products in my collection (just missing brows which I improvised for)

First up the the Fast Base Stick Foundation in F1 (€5.99) & the Conceal & Define Concealer in C1 (€4.99) While it’s so handy to have a Foundation in stick form, this one disappointed me despite the glowing reviews from influencers. It didn’t seem to blend into my skin, just sat on top & highlighted every single pore & line in my face. The Concealer is good, & I will probably repurchase when I run out.

One of the standout products for me is is the Luxury Baking Powder in “Lace” which I use for setting my under eyes. At only €5.99 this is a steal, it makes my under eyes look flawless. The Loquid Highlighter in “Unicorn Elixir” was not a standout product unfortunately, I found it too greasy & it lifts the Foundation when applied over it. For this look I applied it under my foundation & it seemed to work ok, but I wasn’t blown away. The Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer (€3.99) is another product I will be repurchasing, while the liquid formula takes a bit of getting used to, it’s a good primer.

The Ultra Sculpt & Contour Lit in “Ultra Fair” (€4.80) is the perfect multi-use product for travel, combining a contour, blush & highlight in one slim package. The Ultra Blush palette in “Hot Spice” is a product I would highly, highly recommend. Six blushes & two highlighters for
€6.99, yes please. The Triple Baked Bronzer in “Summer of Love” (€5.99) is very pigmented so a light hand is needed.

The Soph x Revolution collection is a collab with Youtuber Soph Does Nails. The Highlighter palette retails €9.99 & is a very high quality product, with a mixture of both warm & cool tone highlighters with a variety of finishes. The Eyeshadow palette is good, seems to be a different formula than the other Revolution Palettes. My only complaint would be the colours, it’s a warm, neutral colour scheme, so if you have a lot of palettes, chances are you already have these colours in other palettes. Great choice for someone who’s only just starting their collection though.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette

I thought I didn’t need this palette. I was wrong.

This palette is the result of a collaboration between Youtuber Jaclyn Hill & Makeup brand Morphe Cosmetics. All these shadows were formulated by Jaclyn herself, so they are different from the traditional Morphe shadows. I purchased mine from Beauty Bay for €46

Formula: Buttery & easily blendable. There is quite a bit of kick back in the pan with the matte shades, but this isn’t a deal breaker for me. The shimmers apply perfectly without having to wet your brush.

Highlights: The formula is great & the colour range has so far proved to versatile.

Lowlights: I would have preferred more cool tones. Also I would have preferred a brown dark enough to be an alternative to the black, as I find black can sometimes be a bit too harsh, as well as a matte brow bone shade (the lightest shades both have shimmer in them).

Vampira Palette

The original Scream Queen "Vampira" was a character created by American-Finnish actress Manila Nurmi in the 1950s. Her role was to host her own horror series "The Vampira Show" in which she introduced a different horror movie each episode from her skull adorned sofa.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs has immortalised Vampira in their latest coffin shaped palette.

This is second Palette they have released in honour of Horror Vixens. Their first offering was the "Elvira Palette " created for Vampira's 1980s successor .

The Vampira palette is a collection of cool toned, gothic shades which for me is a breath of fresh air after the saturation of warm toned palettes currently on the market.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Benefit Minis

Why is mini makeup so much harder to resist?? I picked these Benefit Cosmetics minis at the weekend as Boots. You get your choice of three makeup minis for €30, plus the free cosmetics bag. Pretty much the price of one full sized product & minis tend to last for ages for me!

- Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter 
-They’re Real Push-up Liner
-They’re Real Lipstick in Revved Up Red 

I prefer to carry minis around with me instead of full size products as they take up less room & don’t add as much to my day-to-day bag.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Full Face: ELF Cosmetics

ELF cosmetics can be a bit of a pain to get a hold of in Ireland, but I managed to order mine through Iherb.com

Shipping is calculated by weight & mine ended up being around €5 so it didn't break the bank. 

It was a mixed bag of results- some great products that I will continue to use & some products that will go straight in the bin...

Moisturising Foundation Stick €5.43
I tried the colour "Natural". To try & gauge the correct shade for me I googled swatches of the shades & luckily "Natural" was a perfect match. I am delighted with this foundation & would definitely re-purchase. As it is in Stick form it is slightly more cakey than liquid formulas, but that is to be expected. I will use this mainly for travelling as it can be taken in carry on luggage without counting as a liquid.

The formula was perfect for my skin type, nice & creamy, without high-lighting any dry patches. To apply I swiped over my forehead, down my nose, across my cheeks & a dab on my chin (you can use more or less depending on the coverage you want) I then blended out with a buffing brush.

Bronzer Palette €5.43
I ordered the shade "Bronze Beauty" . Unfortunately one of the pans in my palette was smashed when it arrived, but I emailed Iherb & they gave me a full refund on the product. I emptied out the smashed pan & just used the other three (I wasn't going to go to the trouble of trying to re-press it as it was very similar to the other three shades anyway). I think the shade of this palette is slightly too dark & red-toned for my skin, but in terms of formula I really liked it. Will keep for when I have a darker tan.

Blending Brush €2.72
This Brush was actually smaller than I was expecting & I would describe it more as a contour brush due to the narrow shape of the bristles. Would'nt use it for setting powders etc, but seems to work ok with contour/bronzer etc.

Blush €2.72
I got the shade "Candid Coral" as I heard this was supposed to a dupe for Nars' "Orgasm"- my favourite all-time blush. It turned out that this wasn't really a dupe as the colour was much more peach toned than "Orgasm" but still really pretty. Will definitely keep using & think I will order more colours to try as well.

Eyeshadow Trio €2.72
I decided to try "Bronze Bonanza" as it seemed to be the most neutral choice. It's super cute & dinky. I used the lightest shade in the trio to highlight my cheekbones, browbone & inner corners of the eye. Then used the bronze shade in my crease & under my lash line. The let down in this little trio is the dark brown shade unfortunately. It was so hard to get any pigment on my brush- I really had to dig into it & then spend ages building the colour up on the outer corners of my eye.

Intense Ink Eyeliner €2.72
I thought I ordered the black colour, but it was the navy one that arrived. So not sure if it was their mistake or mine! Because this is a felt pen doing a winged liner is a bit tricky- the pen can tend to skip on the skin due to the nib being so rigid, also the nib is very long making more detailed work that bit harder. When I managed to get my wings as even as I could I was fairly happy with the result. Until I used a setting spray. This eyeliner is not one bit water resistant- I LIGHTLY sprayed my face after I had finished my makeup like I usually would, but the eyeliner smudged up the eyelid & even on to the brow bone. Even after I did a tidy up, 10 minutes later it had smudged again. Despite not being water resistant this eyeliner stained my lash line after I removed it. So I would give this pen a miss if there is any possibility you are going somewhere it might rain or you might sweat. Otherwise for the price it's ok, but it's not something I'll be using on a regular basis.

Lash Extending Mascara €2.72
I saved the worst for last... This mascara is terrible. There is no product in the tube! Even when swiping the wand on the back of my hand nothing came off, so this is going straight in the bin. Pretty happy with most of the other products & it was so cheap I'm not going to cry about it, but I won't be trying anymore mascaras from ELF. Had to use a mascara from a different brand to finish off this look.

All in all, this was a natural day time look for me. My favourite products which I tried from ELF was the foundation stick & the blusher. The worst was without a doubt the mascara! I will definitely be trying more products from the brand as the price point makes it easier to justify if a product doesn't perform very well.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Best of: Beauty Sponges

Real Techniques (€7.99 Boots.ie)
Image result for real techniques sponge

  • My second favourite sponge & the one which I have purchased multiple times- this is the one I use on a daily basis
  • Expands by a good amount when wet & is very soft
  • Has both a flat side (for blending foundation) and a pointed side (for blending concealer)
  • This is the sponge that I've found is nearest to the Beauty Blender in terms of quality
Blank Canvas (€6.99 Blank Canvas Cosmetics)
Image result for Blank Canvas sponge
  • Similar to The Real Techniques sponge in terms of quality, the Real Techniques is just slightly softer
  • Comes in all different shapes
  • Mine ripped on the second time washing it 
Lottie London (€5.50 Superdrug)
Image result for lottie london sponge
  • The smallest of all the sponges I tested & the second cheapest
  • Does expand when wet, but not as soft as some of the other sponges
  • Harder to get your hands on in Ireland

Inglot (€12 inglot.ie)
Image result for Inglot sponge
  • I love most Inglot products, but this is the worst sponge that I tried (also one of the most expensive)
  • Expanded a small bit when wet, but never seemed to dry (would stay wet for days after use even when stored in the open)
  • The surface seems to be almost completely smooth with no pores like most other beauty sponges
  • Did not blend make-up well at all
  • Was too firm on the skin with very little give
Beauty Blender (€18.80 Beauty Bay)
beautyblender Sponge
  • The most expensive, but the best...
  • When wet it gets so pillowy soft & blends foundation like a dream
  • The black colour is the best in my opinion.
  • The surface has little pores which soak up excess foundation ensuring even coverage
Primark (€1.50 Penneys/Primark)

Image result for primark sponge
  • I wasn't expecting much for €1.50, but it was alright
  • Didn't expand a whole lot when wet
  • I found it very like the Inglot sponge in term of the firmness.
  • Tended to smear the foundation, rather than blend